Here are some more links to sites I have found interesting for one thing or another. These are mostly resource based and information that I have sought from the internet. Afterall, you just can’t stop learning can you ?

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An exceptional resource, a great read and full of inspirational thought. Robin Whalley in a landscape photographer who seems to share his soul. I strongly recommend that you join his lenscraft website for even more of his insights to all things landscape.

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The Royal Photographic Society exists to promote photography and image-making and to support photographers in realising their potential, irrespective of their level of knowledge, equipment or skills. It has an international membership. The Society also acts as a public advocate for photography and photographers. – See more at:

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A great place to go to increase the grey matter when it comes to photography. With a great line up of tutors too

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The Print Space

Professional art prints. Not used these guys but they look worth the effort.

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Lee Filters

These are the filters of choice for me. I have tried others but have happily returned to the best there is!

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Letterpress being close to my heart I would recommend everyone uses this beautiful print technique to produce their business cards. They really do make a statement. Trust me I’m a graphic designer and besides they are based in North Wales, can only be good !