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Mumbai at night

The colours and the very feeling of being there in Mumbai really shines through in these shots by Indian photographer, Uday Tadphale.

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This image made me laugh ! A great cooooollection of street observations from the great Diego Bardone, see my Photographer links in ‘Resourse’.

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Mr Landscape

It was John Hannavy, at Wigan School of Art who introduced me to the world of Black & White and the landscapes of the one and only, Ansel Adams. Even today […]

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Larry Burrows

This English photographer turned my head towards photography. It was only later when I realised by how much. Larry Burrows was a photojournalist and covered the war in Vietnam from 1962 until […]

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Sheep fold

Of all the dry stone constructions in the countryside, the sheep fold has to be the greatest. Their designs vary immensely. This was a great find in a field in […]

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Let me out

I can’t imagine being in this prison in the heat of the day when it can reach 45°. Apparently awaiting the freemantle doctor – a cool wind arriving late afternoon […]

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